Project Cases

LED LXF500 - Mines Wonderland.files

Picture taken by Wiselite Malaysia

Wiselite LXF500 LED strip light – illuminate the Star Gate of Mines Wonderland Team Park in Selangor, Malaysia 

In 2008, Mines Wonderland team park use Wiselite outdoor LXF500 LED blue strip light to decorate their ‘Star Gate’ as per picture shown above.

 Single Colour Series                                                RGB Series

Application became easy when the strip light is in the roll form.  For RGB series, A RGB controller is needed to allow various colour changing mode can be preset by a remote control or directly from the control panel on the controller.  RGB signal amplifier(s) is needed as well when long distance of RGB LED strip light need to be installed for a particular design and/or structure.      

With the LED, the colour seems more nature compare to if use colour fluorescent tube.   Furthermore with benefit of less power consumption with just around 7W per meter and longer lamp life compare to fluorescent tube.  Overall reduce maintenance cost of a particular project…