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TSL-E01P40/60/80 (Golden Master )

  • TSL-E01P40/60/80 (Golden Master )
TSL-E01P40/60/80 (Golden Master )


Wiselite new patented Golden Master series products, a very special color for  architecture lighting, a classical,romantic and attractive illuminating effect with full range of LED products. With the absolutely same chromaticity coordinates of color as Sodium lamp, Golden Master appearance a excellent  penetration rate of light in the rainy, dust and fog weather,just same as sodium lamp, but also much better CRI (Color Rending Index) and save energy more than Sodium lamps.


● Advanced heat-sink technology with high grade aluminum. Perfect solution for LED heat radiation problem. Extend the life-time of the light largely.
● Dust-proof and water-proof designs. Easy for cleaning and suitable for outdoor environment.
● Protection range IP65.
● The fixture surface is solid and resistant to corrosion by special coating technology.


Road lighting such as main road, freeway, viaduct, downtown street,platform bright,sidewalk. Furthermore, it can be also applied in square, school, industrial zone, park, and residential area, etc.