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Wiselite Delux M Series is designed specifically for high-end premium fresh zone lighting applications, M series for supermarket design, special color bring meat, vegetable, and fruit fresh color, soas to enhance the application scenarios of the overall effect.

● Effective integrated heat-sink between aluminium lampshade and LED module to significantly prolong system lamp life.
● Effective reflection aluminium reflector lampshade to minimise light lost and reduce glaring light effect.
● Silver non bulky slim design well match to all commercial structure.
● Corrosion free with aluminium lampshade.
● Beam angle: 50°.

Used for fresh food lighting in the supermarket sunh as fruits,vegetable, flower, fish, milk, meat, frozen and deli food, also for dining table, etc. lighting places.
Red colour fixture for meat, green colour for vegetable and yellow colour for fruit.